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Shipping costs in Germany and Austria:

Euros 5.50 to 49.99 euros purchase value; Free shipping from 50 euros

Shipping costs to the rest of the EU:

Euro 7.50 to 149.99 euros purchase value; Free shipping from 150 euros

Shipping costs Switzerland:

EUR 9.90 to EUR 199.99 purchase value; Free shipping from 200 euros

We are proud to supply around 100 companies in the hairdressing, foot care, cosmetics, nail care and fashion sectors in our state alone.

In addition, numerous doctors in Austria but also in Germany are among our customers.

The high level of comfort of our FFP2 masks allows long periods of wear without symptoms of fatigue with good filtering and good breathing ability.

All FFP2 masks offered by us are CE certified and fall under the term PPE - Personal Protection Equipment for non medical use (non-sterile) - According to the certificate, the filter performance corresponds to at least 94% of the particles in the air up to a size of 0, 6 micrometers.


A correct fit of the mask is necessary to achieve this filter performance. This is ensured by the fact that the mask lies close to the face when it is put on and worn and tightly encloses all contours. The integrated metal nosepiece is used to adapt the mask to the shape of the face in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose;


Note for beard wearers: already short whiskers (so-called 3-day beard and shorter) can significantly impair the filter performance of the mask (= decrease) so that the filter performance falls below 94%.


Our masks - have been - depending on the model - certified by the following institutes: CE0598 = FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service); CE0370 (LGAI Technological Center, S.A. (APPLUS) - Barcelona) and CE2163 (UNIVERSAL, Istanbul);


All named certification bodies are recognized by the EU and can be found under the following link to the responsible EU body: